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Thoughts on NextJS 13

24 - 02 - 2023

I’m reading the release note of NextJS 13. Apart from the initial excitement and worries, I also have a hunch that these many improvements are although cutting-edges and wonderful ideas, but they appear to be a catch-up with performance when compare with framework like Svelte. Let’s imagine these things in Svelte, it would be like kick-ass awesome. Having said that I think this hunch should be challenged because I can be dead-wrong and these features can be the best things for the future of Frontend dev.

There are 3 improvements (app directory, Server Components and Streaming) are related to Server Components. At this point I haven’t worked a lot with Server Components but I bet in next release this feature would be really easy to use but technical complexity would be hidden by this ease of use. The first official release of Server Components with NextJS would be something of a game-changer for the way we develop web apps because a lot of syntax changes, uncertainty of the current devtool effectiveness and upgrading current projects.