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Technical debts

25 - 11 - 2022

Some of the time you read article about a hiring company or talk to a recruiter about technical dev. And they say that technical debts do not exist in their organization. This is a form of bullshit (based on Harry Frankfurt “On bullshit”). The answerer might not understand software development enough but he or she has to produce an answer so that is the case.

So technical debts are inevitable?

Yes they are. During the development process incessant changes of requirements and tight deadline make the dev to cut corner and not follow the best practices. Some people may think that this practice is bad but actually it has its own merit for several reasons. The first one is that most apps fail so it’s not wise for the investor to pay too much effort for early refactor. The app needs to satisfy the demand of reality so if the intepretation of reality from business people change, the requirements will change in accordance. But there is an issue with this fact. The app can be so messy that it’s impossible to build any other features on top of it. At this point refactoring is a negotiation between the devs and business people. If dev team fail, it means they will suffer to the point of intolerance.